I try hard to avoid this here. You may dislike my content, but it’s all OC (don’t call it that).

This blog is meant as a place to archive projects in a way where others can follow along.  Some projects posted here are merely experiments that serve little to no other purpose. Other projects are actually kind of useful. No matter what brought you here; if you dig getting your hands dirty with “code, circuits or servers”, I hope to post here about these topics.

“pseudo blog”?

I created a series of scripts called “Pseudo Channel“. When set up, it acts like a fake TV channel thing to mimic real TV channels using your own library of Movies, TV Shows & Commercials (I’m working on a tutorial post). Excited about that project, and lacking creativity when choosing a domain name for this server, I quickly settled on this one and went with it. I’m a hobbyist when it comes to circuitry and servers and am well versed in code. I’ll eventually escape this “pseudo-” thing that led me here. For now, it’s “pseudo-blog“.

Check out my most useful project (consists of 2 posts):

Gmail total unread messages display + local weather info – Raspberry Pi Zero + OLED.